Natural herbs for male contraception…!!

Interesting new research is out about a group of herbs that may be useful for male contraceptives. The links below outline the names and traditional uses of these herbs. The first, Sarcostemma acidum, was used for wound healing, communicable respiratory disease, anti-parasitic and antibiotic. New studies are confirming these properties.

Another plant, cat’s claw has similar uses, including anti-fertility.

Here’s an African plant, Leptadenia hastata, that not only has similar healing properties as an anti-diabetic, but it also acts as an abortifacient and anti-fertility….

and here:

The Tinospora cordifolia plant (heart leaved moon seed) is of great interest to researchers across the globe because of its reported medicinal properties like anti-diabetic, anti-periodic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-stress, anti-leprotic, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory and anti-neoplastic activities. Here’s info from webmd about the herb!! New research shows it’s anti-male fertility uses.

Even spearmint and peppermint teas can have an effect on fertility by changing reproductive hormones, LH, FSH and testosterone levels in humans. Maybe a new and interesting treatment for male pattern hair growth in women and a future libido moderator….!?

Another asian plant, Indian Squirrel Tail, shows promising help for neurological disease like epilepsy and also decreases male sperm growth.

It appears now that these plants, along with a few common others like Chinese Mahogany, NEEM, papaya seed extract, and yes, even Cannabis are mentioned to have some benefit as a MALE CONTRACEPTIVE…….very interesting. Especially in light of recent controversy over birth control options. Check out the research!

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