The Dao and Practice of Laundry….

Seeking and attaining spiritual growth does not get you out of doing the dishes!!! Maybe afterward, you are more grateful for the dish, the meal, the water……..but you still have to wash it!!! I remember all the old martial art movies with the Kung Fu Monks doing laundry and chores like they were kicking someones’ ass…… Don’t seek enlightenment to get out of living…….seek it to get into living….! #DontGetBummedOutByChores #DoChoresLikeAKungFuMaster

To practice #BALANCE, a supreme Daoist value, you can stand on one leg while folding the laundry. It’s harder than you think.

To practice #STRENGTH, a necessary Dao Life quality, you can bend the knees while loading the dishwasher, or doing yardwork, instead of beding over at the waist. Less chance for injury and you can knock out those squats. Your thighs house your Sea of Blood in Asian medical philosophy because the femur is the largest marrow producing bone. Using your knees keeps them limber and strong. #SedentaryLife is a #PhysicallyPainfulLife. #UseItOrLoseIt

To practice #PATIENCE, a Dao Life principle of inner peace, you can inhale and exhale deeply, especially when doing rote seemingly meaningless chores. Sighing has been shown to lower blood pressure and rebalance disrupted brain chemistry. Add music to lift your mood, quicken your step. Music distrupts the time frequency, helping you acheive your goal without blowing your top!

To practice #AWARENESS, a Dao Life gift of persistance, you can get up 20 minutes earlier. Take 5 minutes outside to stretch and breathe a little. Connect to how you feel. The nature of your thoughts. Connect to your surroundings. Survey your environment. Check your list for the day and update it.

To practice #DISCIPLINE, a Dao Life prinicple of progress, you can commit to make that bed every morning. Period. Make that list to stay organized daily. Take time for self improvement.

To practice #KINDNESS, a Dao Life core human expression, you can hug more often. . . make a phone call to a friend in need. Donate something to a charity once a month. It helps more than you think. Pay it forward. As for kindness in laundry….You can un scrunch your socks or turn your shirt right side out before throwing them in the basket…. or yin you can just once, match your husbands’ socks lol….or yang you could put away the pile of folded laundry your mom/wife did 2 weeks ago.

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