In the Skies This Week 5/18/20: Retrograde Season

The Sun is shining bright over Taurus this month, sharing space with Mercury and Venus. It’s a good month to finish those household projects. Venus went retrograde last week until the end of June., reminding us it’s ok to stop. Retreats are an important part of spiritual growth. Doing so, gives us time to think and take an accounting of our daily habits, our relationships, how we express ourselves in our home and how we spend our money. Mercury the planet of thinking and communication is in Taurus this month to help as well.

If there are old patterns that are still not changing, still not working, now is a time to identify them and make a plan for small daily changes that will bring about change when the retrograde lifts. Using the imagery of the Goddess of Love and War, we can have the strength and courage to change for the better in our personal lives, particularly in the areas of home, love and finance.

The big guys supporting all the recent trouble, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all turned retrograde this month as well, in Capricorn. Jupiter, the God of big ideas feels hemmed in by Capricorns OCD micromanaging the details. In retrograde, Jupiter’s need for expansion will be stifled. This could cause eruptions in relationships and anyone still quarantining. The need for freedom and independence may seem overwhelming. Watch out for conflicts with authorities and partnerships. It’s good to take a few “freedom” breaks and get some alone time in where you are free to do as you please.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all together in Capricorn.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn, auditing the details of our lives and evaluating their worthiness, efficiency and profitability. It’d be a “come to Jesus” time in areas of responsibility, who’s in charge, boundary setting and self discipline.

Pluto, just getting started in his Capricornian stay. Astologist Gray Crawford at notes, “the first half of Pluto retrograde will be dominated by Jupiter’s influence seeding visions for new growth while also requiring that we tend to whatever has ruptured in the wake of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began the year. Consolidation of resources and contraction will also be necessary even as we seek expansion.”

During retrograde season, we recommend daily self help practices to stay focused on the issues needing change. Taking a short break to reflect, breathe, do some qigong, read or listen to something inspiring. We can transform our lives more effectively, if we do it consciously and with help from the forces in nature (divine apps or applications) that help us achieve our life time goals and desires.

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