In The Skies: First Week of June 2020

Venus, the goddess of love SQUARES OFF with Mars, the god of war
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Well the month starts off with a bang…….. Venus, the goddess of love, truth and beauty squares it off with Mars, the god of war on the second and lasts a few days….. You can expect the stereotypical spats between men types and woman types…!!!! Differences in religious or political views………cross purposes………..arguments over who’s really in charge…..sexual tension…… might hear harsh criticism or be stung by offensive words or ideas……….illusions may shatter….. things may end……….things may also begin…………

With all the sexual energy ramping up, sexual health and expression is bubbling to the surface. If your relationship is healthy, it’s a great time to try new positions, times of the day, or play a little hard to get. It’s hunting season for singles. Good time to get out and flirt. For those in rocky relationships, repressed sexual energy, frustrations or differences are likely to break forth. Practice deep breathing, stretching and meditation to maintain mental and emotional control as you recognize the underlying issues, Begin to devise a plan to resolve the underlying problems. Just don’t talk about it or try to take action to solve it in the next week. The water’s aren’t ripe for resolution. They are ripe for war.

Not all skirmishes laid down in the battle of the sexes are wasted time if those involved have breakthroughs………insights to yourself and your relations to others…..willingness to look into the calm reflective mirror………strengthening clarity of mind and purpose…..a growth spurt in gathering willpower and courage to take the next step….

Good news for Venus……….On the 3rd, the Sun joins HER cause, squaring to Mars, providing distraction, extra power, deep insight for strategy and resolve. Seems as if the Sun’s emphasis will bring the toxins to the surface. Be prepared to do some mopping, sorting and toss outs………..

Good time to SMUDGE the house with Sage…..Keep Calm.

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Celebrities born on Venus Square Mars days…..

Neil Young 0°05′, The Beatles 0°07′, Geena Davis 0°13′, Sean Penn 0°14′, John Cleese 0°23′, Robert Carlyle 0°23′, Charlotte Church 0°25′, Ritchie Valens 0°27′, Jeremy Irons 0°28′, Ahmad Khan Rahami 0°28′, Bruce Springsteen 0°32′, John Travolta 0°33′, Joan Collins 0°41′, Serena Williams 0°44′, Kevin Kline 0°48′, Tori Spelling 0°50′, Eric Burdon 0°54′, Patty Hearst 1°03′, Benny Hill 1°11′, Amy Dumas 1°20′, Aleister Crowley 1°30′, Jodie Foster 1°33′, Tyra Banks 2°01′, Hillary Clinton 2°13′, Jewel Gomez 2°20′, Audrey Hepburn 2°22′, Bruce Willis 2°30′, Richard Simmons 2°31′, Alicia Witt 2°53′.

Upcoming Venus Square Mars Dates:

10 October 2018 Right before the election…..
21 March 2019
26 January 2020 THREE TIMES this year…!!!
2 June 2020
4 September 2020
19 February 2021 Back to once a year…

16 September 2022
4 February 2023
22 August 2024
23 July 2025
29 July 2026
10 October 2026

In the Skies This Week 5/18/20: Retrograde Season

The Sun is shining bright over Taurus this month, sharing space with Mercury and Venus. It’s a good month to finish those household projects. Venus went retrograde last week until the end of June., reminding us it’s ok to stop. Retreats are an important part of spiritual growth. Doing so, gives us time to think and take an accounting of our daily habits, our relationships, how we express ourselves in our home and how we spend our money. Mercury the planet of thinking and communication is in Taurus this month to help as well.

If there are old patterns that are still not changing, still not working, now is a time to identify them and make a plan for small daily changes that will bring about change when the retrograde lifts. Using the imagery of the Goddess of Love and War, we can have the strength and courage to change for the better in our personal lives, particularly in the areas of home, love and finance.

The big guys supporting all the recent trouble, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all turned retrograde this month as well, in Capricorn. Jupiter, the God of big ideas feels hemmed in by Capricorns OCD micromanaging the details. In retrograde, Jupiter’s need for expansion will be stifled. This could cause eruptions in relationships and anyone still quarantining. The need for freedom and independence may seem overwhelming. Watch out for conflicts with authorities and partnerships. It’s good to take a few “freedom” breaks and get some alone time in where you are free to do as you please.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all together in Capricorn.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn, auditing the details of our lives and evaluating their worthiness, efficiency and profitability. It’d be a “come to Jesus” time in areas of responsibility, who’s in charge, boundary setting and self discipline.

Pluto, just getting started in his Capricornian stay. Astologist Gray Crawford at notes, “the first half of Pluto retrograde will be dominated by Jupiter’s influence seeding visions for new growth while also requiring that we tend to whatever has ruptured in the wake of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began the year. Consolidation of resources and contraction will also be necessary even as we seek expansion.”

During retrograde season, we recommend daily self help practices to stay focused on the issues needing change. Taking a short break to reflect, breathe, do some qigong, read or listen to something inspiring. We can transform our lives more effectively, if we do it consciously and with help from the forces in nature (divine apps or applications) that help us achieve our life time goals and desires.

Dao Life Fertility: The importance of gentle exercise…..

Exercise while trying to conceive is important for healthy circulation, energy and stress relief. But OVER exercise is counter-productive….There is a happy medium.. At #DaoLifeFertility, we recommend exercising until you feel energized and ready to bust a move….but……instead of busting a move, we recommend you begin your COOL DOWN and consciously absorb the extra energy you just made into your reproductive system…..Leave the fantasy of finishing 1st in the Boston marathon in your head…..don’t waste your newly released energy trying to look like those models on beer and shoe commercials….Take that energy and breathe it in……..with your mind, condense that energy into your lower back and abdomen. The goal of Dao Life Fertility exercise: Feel refreshed, energized and loossey goosey……….


The Dao and Practice of Laundry….

Seeking and attaining spiritual growth does not get you out of doing the dishes!!! Maybe afterward, you are more grateful for the dish, the meal, the water……..but you still have to wash it!!! I remember all the old martial art movies with the Kung Fu Monks doing laundry and chores like they were kicking someones’ ass…… Don’t seek enlightenment to get out of living…….seek it to get into living….! #DontGetBummedOutByChores #DoChoresLikeAKungFuMaster

To practice #BALANCE, a supreme Daoist value, you can stand on one leg while folding the laundry. It’s harder than you think.

To practice #STRENGTH, a necessary Dao Life quality, you can bend the knees while loading the dishwasher, or doing yardwork, instead of beding over at the waist. Less chance for injury and you can knock out those squats. Your thighs house your Sea of Blood in Asian medical philosophy because the femur is the largest marrow producing bone. Using your knees keeps them limber and strong. #SedentaryLife is a #PhysicallyPainfulLife. #UseItOrLoseIt

To practice #PATIENCE, a Dao Life principle of inner peace, you can inhale and exhale deeply, especially when doing rote seemingly meaningless chores. Sighing has been shown to lower blood pressure and rebalance disrupted brain chemistry. Add music to lift your mood, quicken your step. Music distrupts the time frequency, helping you acheive your goal without blowing your top!

To practice #AWARENESS, a Dao Life gift of persistance, you can get up 20 minutes earlier. Take 5 minutes outside to stretch and breathe a little. Connect to how you feel. The nature of your thoughts. Connect to your surroundings. Survey your environment. Check your list for the day and update it.

To practice #DISCIPLINE, a Dao Life prinicple of progress, you can commit to make that bed every morning. Period. Make that list to stay organized daily. Take time for self improvement.

To practice #KINDNESS, a Dao Life core human expression, you can hug more often. . . make a phone call to a friend in need. Donate something to a charity once a month. It helps more than you think. Pay it forward. As for kindness in laundry….You can un scrunch your socks or turn your shirt right side out before throwing them in the basket…. or yin you can just once, match your husbands’ socks lol….or yang you could put away the pile of folded laundry your mom/wife did 2 weeks ago.

Natural herbs for male contraception…!!

Interesting new research is out about a group of herbs that may be useful for male contraceptives. The links below outline the names and traditional uses of these herbs. The first, Sarcostemma acidum, was used for wound healing, communicable respiratory disease, anti-parasitic and antibiotic. New studies are confirming these properties.

Another plant, cat’s claw has similar uses, including anti-fertility.

Here’s an African plant, Leptadenia hastata, that not only has similar healing properties as an anti-diabetic, but it also acts as an abortifacient and anti-fertility….

and here:

The Tinospora cordifolia plant (heart leaved moon seed) is of great interest to researchers across the globe because of its reported medicinal properties like anti-diabetic, anti-periodic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-stress, anti-leprotic, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory and anti-neoplastic activities. Here’s info from webmd about the herb!! New research shows it’s anti-male fertility uses.

Even spearmint and peppermint teas can have an effect on fertility by changing reproductive hormones, LH, FSH and testosterone levels in humans. Maybe a new and interesting treatment for male pattern hair growth in women and a future libido moderator….!?

Another asian plant, Indian Squirrel Tail, shows promising help for neurological disease like epilepsy and also decreases male sperm growth.

It appears now that these plants, along with a few common others like Chinese Mahogany, NEEM, papaya seed extract, and yes, even Cannabis are mentioned to have some benefit as a MALE CONTRACEPTIVE…….very interesting. Especially in light of recent controversy over birth control options. Check out the research!