Seasons Change…..and so do the times……..

After 25 some years in an American practice of ancient, old school Chinese medicine and martial arts, I’ve come to realize I’m consciously witnessing a rapid change in times… and electricity with my grandparents…..TVs and phones with my parents ……..cell phones, computers and the internet with us……. My kids will have driving cars, vacation in space and be able to live until they are 150+…….!!! After only a few generations of us truly removing ourselves from the influence of nature, we are now seeing the effects of that separation. With mental health issues like depression, anxiety, suicide, and serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease on the rise, we must ask ourselves if such a relatively rapid exodus from the influence of our home planet, of our earth mother was so smart.

It’s time to move on from ways in the past that are unsustainable to new ways that are sustainable for us and the planet

With rapid change in any environment, the life forms within it stress. It’s a dual application implanted within us. One application maintains the status quo. It’s called homeostasis……a very important function for energy sustainability. Your body and mind have been programmed by your DNA to operate in a holding pattern to conserve energy… low battery mode on your phone.. When new apps are opened, energy is used, commands and purposes of the phone and/or body changes and the body naturally resists. So does the mind.

me going into diet or lifestyle changes………..

There’s another application, however, that desires change. We are always on the look out for something new and something diverse. This application allows the body/mind to expand, grow, learn and become more intelligent…….sort of an over-riding function of other functions. The triggers of change will consume your energy whether you are conscious of it or whether or not you asked it to…’s automatic…… I’m listening to my favorite song and the phone rings over it…..I was having a good time sitting…….now I have to get up and go do something…..most likely for someone else…….hence the struggle around change…….This is why we have marketing and why every business has to change it’s look, format and operations so often……and the pace of that change is getting faster by the nano second……

Nothing demonstrates humans’ need for change in sensory experience than the fashion industry…..!
For wearable art……YAY..!!! But for you look good in this….? …..Not so much…..

Our bodies….the massive institution we lug around with our consciousness everywhere we go….it’s not so quick in the change department, our body……’s a strange thing really……..a living bag of goo and bones………with light………!!

We treat ourselves like this, but…
We are ALSO this!!!!

As I watch new trends, just like watching the seasons or the fashions change, I see there is a purpose to change. It truly is a constant……! I also notice there is a pattern….. My studies of the ancient ways of nature has provided a fertile grounding point where I can tap into the immortal eternal motherboard within and around our spinning ball of dirt, air, water and light. We are all swimming in an ocean of intelligence….. WiFi being the perfect example of what we and our own brains can do across the airwaves.

“Wisdom begins in wonder.” – Socrates

One of the main reasons I enjoy studying the way of nature, or the Dao (also spelled Tao), is it greatly enhances the quality of WONDER…. Like a child, we see the world through new eyes.

Daily I giggle as I realize the ways I’ve turned into my mother….my kids thinking I’m silly and out of it…..I remember those thoughts of my parents. I was right, but so were they. There’s shaky ground in the midst of changing times. One way of being gives way to the next. Many traditions teach us how to cope with change. With the rapidity of change nowadays, the need for re-grounding and remembering our original nature is becoming critical for our health and mental well being. On this site, I will share new information about the science of wellness and the role of spending time in nature plays in keep us well and aging us peacefully and gracefully. Spending time in nature and interacting with it has changed my life, it’s path, my health, my relationships, my career and my aging process.

With the advent of new energy science and quantum physics theory the old world that the ancient’s told of is now being brought to light and into our lives through our massive industrial science laboratories. With new breakthroughs comes challenges and rewards.

Atomic series. Abstract concept of atom and quantum waves illustrated with fractal elements

Even though I studied old school with many wonderful Chinese and American masters, with the changing times, I must move and change with the times. The switch from paper to digital in my acupuncture clinic is ongoing. As an old timer, I fought it……but the ancient ones, they had their times of change…..they left good advice. In one such text, an old school merchant was bemoaning the arrival of a new, bigger, store across the street…….apparently they had Walmart back in ancient China too…..!!! The short end of the story, he had to close his business, but he got a great new job with the new store. Maybe ancient Walmart paid better. Yes….I might go there and lots of other places in these blogs about Dao, life, nature and all…………the world is changing fast…..the old ways are passing………the old ones who knew and mastered the practice are passing too.

Several of my dearest teachers have passed. With the public and peaceful transition time of revered Thich Nhat Hanh , also one of my beloved teachers, I realize that what’s left, is us……Yes. I’m kind of worried about that……I gotta get busy…….It’s inside me…….Time to get it digital……..If the old timer in the ancient days can, I can……!!! As with all major transition times in the universe, learning about it’s nature, it’s dynamic can keep us in the flow….keep us in it’s balance…….it’s harmony………..there is wisdom all around………there is endless wisdom WITHIN……….Connect to it………which means disconnect with the screen………ahhhh, the irony……..Enjoy balance today my friends.

Oh, I’m getting so good I’m doing SEOs and hashtags……laugh now my children…

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