In The Skies Above Us This Month….

Mars Squares Saturn August 2020 – Difficulty Finishing…..Feeling Frustrated

Mars in Aries Squares SaturnĀ in Capricorn- This relationship is separating, meaning that it is becoming less influential. Have you been unable to finish things you have started, no matter how important it is? It’s easy get excited about new projects, but when obstacles come along, under this influence, you could have weaker WILLPOWER which could reduce your stamina. Your mind is active, but your feet are like lead. Any progress you make seems to put you farther behind then closer to finished. This planetary relationship could have you feeling FRUSTRATED about accomplishing your goals.

From the East Indian Vedic tradition, the planet Saturn personifies time, limitations, loss,
and all forms of adversity.

Using the wisdom of astrology, we can align ourselves with the correcting energy of Saturn to be more persistent and firm in our intentions to complete what we started. Carrying a gemstone or crystal associated with Saturn, Capricorn or the Earth energy, like Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, or Smoky Quartz is recommended to remind you to firm up your schedules and daily tasks. To “please Saturn” in ancient Vedic traditions one would donate to those in need, do volunteer work for those in trouble and walk barefoot in the grass meditatively on Saturdays!

Grounding Practice……Walking barefoot in the grass!

Mars has now entered his home territory in Aries. Conjuncting with Uranus later, the current pressure on Mars as he gains passion, and cardinal energy (forward moving energy). ARIES will give you the little boost of fire energy to your willpower. Mars in Aries energy will help move you forward to finish the tasks at hand. Gemstones like Carnelian, Bloodstone, Malachite, and Hematite will help give you the energy boost necessary to move forward.

Mars……Aries……..Getting it DONE

However, there is currently a lot of major fire energy in the sky, with Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, the Sun and Mercury in Leo, and Mars in Aries. This Fire Mojo in the sky puts up a good fight with lonely Saturn, the only earth representative. Although Saturn is also in his homeland of earthy Capricorn, the skies above this week, the rest of the sky is lacking in EARTH energy.

To balance the abundance of fire and protect from burn out, astrologers recommend meditation practices that ground your energy and settle your mind. Here’s an Earth Element meditation sequence to help get you on the ground and rolling FORWARD. Practicing these exercises daily during this time will help you clarify your intentions, structure your plan, and give you the abundant energy needed to complete the task.

Earth Moving Meditation with 30 year Qigong teacher, Beth from Dao Life Wellness channel on YouTube.

With a little help from above, you can align with the forces of nature and move forward, even under difficult skies…..